Life of a busy barista trying to be healthy.

So this year has been a bit of a struggle to be the good doctors wife and maintain a “paleo lifestyle”. But the last 2 weeks i’ve been good, pretty pretty good (said in Larry Davids voice). I’ve succumbed to bread twice and felt like shit, and instantly went “woah, ok, it tastes yummo, but my tummy says hell no” I’ve actually trimmed down quite a bit in thee old stomach region, which is always a plus. But i have been hoeing into lollies (I’m a bad bad girl). Im petrified that one day someone will congratulate me on my pregnancy, when actually its just wheat belly with a dash of cadbury chocolate. Oh i’d just die, after maybe throwing a punch. But to be honest, I’m pretty confident in my skin and body, hey i may be a size 12/14 but shit who cares?! I feel healthy and thats the main thing. A lot of females get caught up in being “skinny”, where i think we should focus on feeling healthy. I just love the clarity of my brain from being wheat free, i do kinda hate “paleo” being thrown around, it sounds like a fad diet, where really i just want to try and eat as real as possible.

Hubby and i have big foodies, like LOVE FOOD! Having worked in the hospitality industry for 18 years its defiantly part of me now, so when it comes to eating out, we don’t stick to clean eating 100%, but will try as much as possible. I don’t want to be that wanker at a restaurant thats all like “omg we like totally don’t eat blah blah blah, don’t you know its rahdidrahrah for you.” Its not up to us to throw our eating beliefs down the throats of other people. I’d be highly pissed off if ANYONE pushed what THEY believe onto me. Plus every now and again a big bowl of Pho aint gonna kill ya, and as if you’d turn down a delish bowl of ramen. So i think if you can pull off 80% awesome eating you’re on the right track!

1 thought on “Life of a busy barista trying to be healthy.

  1. Love that philosophy about eating out..”seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart” -Erma Bombeck. I try to be pretty good most of the time lunch out with girlfriends but a lot of cafes plan the menu around bread and chips on the side! Ria

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