Yip, i am still alive

Well this year is just flying by, i can’t believe we’re in October already. Totally scary. So all in all its been a rollercoaster ride to keep paleo this year. There’s been good weeks, followed by bad months. I can’t put my finger on why its been so difficult to healthy. I mean shit, i KNOW i’ve had a better diet than previous years, but the sugar demon has been rampant this year. But as the days get longer, its seems easier to eat healthy, as that burst of VIT D is a real inspiration for health (or just a sharp realisation that hotter temps means less clothes, and less clothes means dimply fatty bits are out and about on show) If you’re a follower of my rambles you’ll know that im not about being skinny, im all for glowing healthy skin and mental clarity, and slimming down is just a bonus. But heck that summer feel defiantly makes you want to up the anti!

2013 has also been a struggle to find an exercise regime that inspires me. So after fighting a huge inner demon, i sucked up my fear and went along to Roller Derby freshmeat tryout. After a 3 year hiatus, it was a pleasant suprise to still be able to skate and enjoy every second! It was such a huge mental hurdle to step/skate back on the track. The last time i was doing “derby” it ended bad, and “smylin Assassin” was retired. I still have a mini freak out about being back, and i’ve only been a handful of times in 6 weeks, but im liking it and feeling brave, and also feel like a huge chapter of my that was haunting me has been closed yet re-opened in a nice way, i feel like ive matured. Which that in itself is scary!

So as i type this, my mantra thats going through my head is “fuck j, no more sugar, sugar is evil, sugar tastes like shit”, so back to the beginning i go, telling myself this time will be different, and you know what? I reckon it will be! So i’ll be back here rambling on about my life and my cockups. And general life crap! And wish me luck, but i think this time i’ll be more successful than ever before!

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