Ah, its time to start again. But like hell i’ll give up my cafe latte.



God only knows why this year has been such a freaking debacle to stay paleo! I’ve been shit. Absolute shit. I’d be good for a few days start to feel bubbly and alive and then succumb to crap food. I’ve never ever been 100% i still like to imbibe with fine wine and delightful food, but its really been 2 years since i’ve been eating such shit. My sweet tooth is back with vengeance (and yes i know why) but alas i still almost feel confused when my need for sugar is so high i’d sacrifice my first born for a lick of cadburys chocolate (lucky we don’t have children and I’m not with child, because I’m pretty sure we’d have the DOCS on our case.) Every morning i wake up and think… TODAY IS THE DAY IM GOING TO FUCKING EAT LIKE A CHAMPION! No bread, no processed crap, no sugar, never ever will i give up my one latte a day. EVER! I’d rather stab my own eyeballs than rid my routine of my beautiful creamy breakfast latte (made by moi of course). But when did i become a slave to shit food? And in saying that, i know my diet by far is way way WAY better than 60% of the population, but I’m still in struggle town.

So the last seven days have been better than usual, today i slipped up. But heck tomorrow is another day and another fresh beginning. I started personal training last week, so that’ll whip my arse into gear. And its just what i need. Once the fitness comes back the urge to eat crap dissipates. So fingers crossed my next blog update will be all about how “IVE KICKED ARSE AND TURNED INTO A PALEO SUPERHERO!”


Anyone else struggling out there? Need a caveman hug??

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