i’ve been a naughty paleo lady

So we’ve had a crazy year of spur of the moment overseas holidays. At the start of the year we jetted off to USA and Jamaica. Now i struggled in America keeping paleo, and just generally felt like shit, and Jamaica was easy to eat real food but followed with litres of Wray and Nephew rum. When we got back to Australia i was straight back on the bandwagon, eating healthy, back at the gym and just feeling awesome. Then i started my new Job, was good for a couple of weeks, and then started consuming bread (WTF!!) bread actually makes me feel like utter utter shit, but its more addictive than crack cocaine! First it was just a wee bit every day, and then it was just a full nomnomnomnom attack.

Fast forward a month, and we headed overseas again, this time to Japan. And for 3 weeks i just went completely off the rails, i was eating ramen everyday, tempura, shit loads of rice, drinking every single day and eating chocolate in bed (holy fuck, kitkats in Japan are the shit!). Everyday i was waking up with a swollen face, and an even more swollen belly. I even had a pimple (i never get pimples ever). So i brought back a couple of different forms of excess baggage. I’d stacked on over 5kgs in 3 weeks! I was feeling moody and emotional, having crap sleeps and to overshare my poos were so not cool. Now i don’t regret eating like i did in Japan, because i did enjoy every moment spent there, but i just wish i was a little more restrained and had remembered to pack coconut oil!

So I’m back to where i was a couple of months ago…. The start of being good and feeling good. Day 2 today, and i feel shaky, and i feel emotional and i wish i could just sleep away the detox pain, but alas I’m going to embrace it and remember how fucking shit i feel, because i never want to be like this again…

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