And im back!



Its been yonks since i’ve had the time to sit down and write/type, and a shit load has happened since my last post! Josh and i have relocated towns. Moved from Bendigo in country Victoria to Torquay for seaside living. To a lot of people this came as a shock and a rushed decision, but to us this had been in the pipeworks for ages, maybe even years. As a kiwi that grew up around water, i found living in Bendigo hard. I love the slow paced lifestyle, being able to get to work within ten minutes, but what i struggled with was my energy levels felt stagnant from lack of moving water and ocean. So no matter how healthy my diet was i still felt meh. And when we had a killer heat wave early this year, that was the nail in the coffin, there was no where to cool off, im the kind of chick that only likes moving water, so the idea of going to a dam or lake grosses me out. Im not bashing Bendigo, but its just not the right town for me. Josh still commutes to Bendigo for work in the clinic he’s spent years setting up. So it’ll always be part of our lives, and he’ll continue to make a difference in peoples lives through health.


Now new beginings in Torquay! Where do i even start! Apart from battling a kick arse flu at the moment, my energy levels have soared since moving down to the coast. And in the last 3 weeks, i haven’t craved sugar or carbs at all. Been craving foods like sardines, and calamari, which is nothing to complain about!! We’ve upped our seafood intake dramatically, and i feel amazing. A few months back i discovered that red meat is not my best mate, so my diet was pretty boring eating a lot of chicken, and a little bit of fresh seafood. But down here it’s easier to get kai moana (seafood), there’s a wholesale fish supplier only a ten minute drive from our house, where we’ve frequented often! Grabbing kilos of port arlington muscles, coffin bay oysters, calamari and snapper (schnapper!!). I’ve tried to get to the ocean everyday to stand in the water and re-charge, the walks along the beach are soul warming and energising! Our dogs Molly and Remington have never been happier, Molly is so happy she starts to froth at the mouth after 5 mins at the beach (we never have normal animals!) The best thing i’ve learnt from moving here is to relax, and not feel like i have to go a million miles per hour, or feel guilty there’s washing or house work to do. Fuck that. I’ve also bought tracksuit pants, now thats HUGE for me. As a wannabe 50s pinup girl the idea of tracksuit pants grossed me out, but now i understand the love of them, sooooo comfy!! Purely for beach walks of course!! If i start wearing them with UGGs in public someone needs to sit me down and give me a stern talking too! But all in all moving here has been the best decision Josh and i have made.

So i guess i’ll be frequenting the blog more often, as ive been spending a buttload of time in the kitchen whipping up treats and delighful meals. And there’ll probably be a stack of beach view photos!

Ah, its time to start again. But like hell i’ll give up my cafe latte.



God only knows why this year has been such a freaking debacle to stay paleo! I’ve been shit. Absolute shit. I’d be good for a few days start to feel bubbly and alive and then succumb to crap food. I’ve never ever been 100% i still like to imbibe with fine wine and delightful food, but its really been 2 years since i’ve been eating such shit. My sweet tooth is back with vengeance (and yes i know why) but alas i still almost feel confused when my need for sugar is so high i’d sacrifice my first born for a lick of cadburys chocolate (lucky we don’t have children and I’m not with child, because I’m pretty sure we’d have the DOCS on our case.) Every morning i wake up and think… TODAY IS THE DAY IM GOING TO FUCKING EAT LIKE A CHAMPION! No bread, no processed crap, no sugar, never ever will i give up my one latte a day. EVER! I’d rather stab my own eyeballs than rid my routine of my beautiful creamy breakfast latte (made by moi of course). But when did i become a slave to shit food? And in saying that, i know my diet by far is way way WAY better than 60% of the population, but I’m still in struggle town.

So the last seven days have been better than usual, today i slipped up. But heck tomorrow is another day and another fresh beginning. I started personal training last week, so that’ll whip my arse into gear. And its just what i need. Once the fitness comes back the urge to eat crap dissipates. So fingers crossed my next blog update will be all about how “IVE KICKED ARSE AND TURNED INTO A PALEO SUPERHERO!”


Anyone else struggling out there? Need a caveman hug??

i’ve been a naughty paleo lady

So we’ve had a crazy year of spur of the moment overseas holidays. At the start of the year we jetted off to USA and Jamaica. Now i struggled in America keeping paleo, and just generally felt like shit, and Jamaica was easy to eat real food but followed with litres of Wray and Nephew rum. When we got back to Australia i was straight back on the bandwagon, eating healthy, back at the gym and just feeling awesome. Then i started my new Job, was good for a couple of weeks, and then started consuming bread (WTF!!) bread actually makes me feel like utter utter shit, but its more addictive than crack cocaine! First it was just a wee bit every day, and then it was just a full nomnomnomnom attack.

Fast forward a month, and we headed overseas again, this time to Japan. And for 3 weeks i just went completely off the rails, i was eating ramen everyday, tempura, shit loads of rice, drinking every single day and eating chocolate in bed (holy fuck, kitkats in Japan are the shit!). Everyday i was waking up with a swollen face, and an even more swollen belly. I even had a pimple (i never get pimples ever). So i brought back a couple of different forms of excess baggage. I’d stacked on over 5kgs in 3 weeks! I was feeling moody and emotional, having crap sleeps and to overshare my poos were so not cool. Now i don’t regret eating like i did in Japan, because i did enjoy every moment spent there, but i just wish i was a little more restrained and had remembered to pack coconut oil!

So I’m back to where i was a couple of months ago…. The start of being good and feeling good. Day 2 today, and i feel shaky, and i feel emotional and i wish i could just sleep away the detox pain, but alas I’m going to embrace it and remember how fucking shit i feel, because i never want to be like this again…

Monday Rant

This is going to be short and sweet… Why the heck would girls prefer to be skinny than healthy?? It really pisses me off that its the goal behind loosing weight, its hardly ever about health, just to fit into skinny jeans. Loosing weight is just an added bonus with paleo, it shouldn’t be the be all and end all of eating healthy. Im not complaining that I’m loosing weight, but in all honesty its about being healthy and feeling alive again. I saw a title on a blog saying “skinny and healthy without being hungry” loose the skinny bit. lets focus on health a bit more. There is so much pressure on women in society (don’t fret, I’m not going to have a feminist rant) lets claim back our rights as women, to be in all shapes and sizes, forget about being skinny, lets think about health.

end rant.

Kombucha the gut healer!


I’ll never forget my first sample of Kombucha, it was only about a year ago, and with trepidation i sampled it. All i could think was, what the hell is this mushroom like slimy tea?! My husband Josh first started brewing it, and I’m always a bit funny about stuff i haven’t prepared/understand. So i never enjoyed it. I’d drink store bought Kombucha without a problem, its not that i didn’t trust Josh, i just didn’t understand the process!! So when we were away at the start of the year in Jamaica (you totally don’t need to know that, but i do like to brag about being there! This is where we stayed) and whilst we were away, something happened to our scoby, not sure what, but she went all mouldy and blergh. So we laid her to rest and bought a new girl recommended from the lovely Ivy at PIM, just follow the link for all the details. And now its become my domain. I constantly talk to my scobies and tell them our beautiful they are and how fantastic they make me feel, so I’m pretty sure thats why they work over time and taste so god dang good! Im not going to bore you with how to make kombucha, I’m no expert, but if you’re in Melbourne Ivy from PIM (paleo in Melbourne) has classes every now and again, so i’d recommend getting on board with her! The one thing i have noticed about making kombucha is the quality of tea, we use bliss blend and its beautiful. Making Kombucha is my monday thang. Its a lovely way  to finish my weekend.

un-paleo exercise

Because of Crossfit i fell in love with Paleo… And I’m scared to admit this… But i don’t think i really like Crossfit. (waits for 20 burly men and women to kick my arse). At the time i adored it, i loved feeling like i’d had my arse severely kicked, to the point where i couldn’t walk home, and i could feel my heart pounding in my head and my toes. But i didn’t like the pain that followed, my knees were always sore, constant muscle fatigue and i’m going to sound like a whinger, but hell Crossfit in an Australian summer is bullshit, i remember doing one WOD on a friday nite, that was mostly running. It was hot, windy and dusty. So dusty that i’d actually lost my voice at the end of the WOD. I still have moments of, man i need to get back to crossfit, but then i remember how competitive i am, and when that happens  my technique flies out the window, i hurt myself and then i have my Osteopath husband tell me off. So i guess i don’t hate it, but i don’t know if i have love for it. But what else is out there? I hate running, and the idea of lifting at a gym doesn’t float my boat either.

So I’m going against the grain (pun intended) and embracing spin… I know there’s people out there that find it ludicrous that someone will drive to a gym to hop on a stationary bike, now i love going for bike rides, but the idea of donning lycra and padded butt shorts does not excite me at all. I guess being a barista at a cafe that cyclists flock to, has really really put me off. So once or twice a week i go to my local gym and do a night ride class (dark room with black lighting, loud music) and i really love it. I enjoy getting so sweaty that it literally flows down my back. I leave that class feeling spent but so very alive. But i feel like i may be the only paleo chick doing that kind of exercise! My exercise routine last week was varied to say the less! Burlesque dancing monday, body balance thurs and spin friday. And of course walking to work everyday and a bit of heavy lifting. Doesn’t sound very “paleo” tho does it!

It was the first time in months i actually did more than a bit of walking, and i feel bloody amazing! And i’ve lost 1kg so thats a bonus. As soon as i have a exercise routine happening, my eating improves and i maintain a 90-95% paleo diet. So one week on, i can feel my body transforming already, energy levels are way back up there. I know that diet is a main contributor to weightless but teamed up with a little bit of exercise then BAM! Body loves you!

So don’t hate me for my un-paleo exercise, i’ve never ever really fitted in with anything, and have always added my own spin on things. So fingers crossed i can loose these last 10kgs with all my new exercise classes.

Burlesque? Yip i’d say thats exercise.

I’ve been a bit lazy on thee ole exercise front for the last few months, right, lets be honest its been longer than i care to admit! I’ve still been active, walking to work 4 days a week, and retail and hospitality are a work out. Making coffees for years has given mostly defined arms. But its been yonks since i’ve felt like my body has worked its muscles. So with that came the realisation i need to get my arse into gear. So wifey (one of my besties) and i are on operation “get our guns back”. It always seems better to have a partner in crime, someone that relies on you, so theres no backing out at the last minute, because someone is waiting for you at the gym.

So our plan started yesterday, with a conscious effort to get moving 3 days a week. And to make it more interesting so we don’t get bored. So our Monday night workout was burlesque! Wifey has been going for awhile, so i was the new girl on the block. I was dried mouth, nervous and had no idea what to expect. I thought it would be a lot of gyrating on chairs with come hither eyes (there was that!!) but my gosh what a workout! Im feeling muscles i forgot existed, that hour class didn’t leave me puffed, but i worked up a sweat, did some hand/chest stands on chairs and made sure i had pointed sexy toes! I was out of my comfort zone, i’m a pretty shit dancer unless i’ve had a few rums then I’m amazing (just ask me!) but it was nice just to try and let go and feel the movements, and for confidence, it was just what the doctor ordered. I have some mystery bruises today across my stomach and a huge one on my inner thigh. Every muscle from my ears down feel tight, god i love that feeling!

So now its rest for a couple of days, and onto Cage Fitness. Which i’ve always loved, combined Mixed Martial Arts and heavy lifting, and chuck in a bit of sprinting. Half hour work out of pure sweat and punching. Can’t wait! And we’ll be finishing off the week with spin. At our local gym in Bendigo (fit republic) they have night spin which i like to call rave spin. Its in a dark room, with black lights and loud music, you really get into the zone, and forget there’s 20 other people in the room, and i literally feel the fat slide off my body. Im excited about getting my fit on, and hopefully in a month i’ll be brave enough to go back to cross fit. So i’ll be sharing all my achy stories and hopefully my plateau weight will come down a few kilos. And if all else fails, at least i’ll have a happy hubby who’s wife is a sexy amateur burlesque entertainer!



So the week started off magically, we were lucky enough to hear Joel And Daniel Salatin give a talk on sustainable living and life at polyface farms. Right here in lovely Bendigo, finally a true celebrity in our midst! If you haven’t seen Food Inc, you must run and watch it NOW! Like NOW! Thats when i first became familiar with the Salatins.

For me, my dream is to be as sustainable as possible, have our own animals for the slaughter and really explore and embrace the culinary arts (or kicking it old school one might say). So preserving, pickling, jams etc etc. Of course living as organic as possible. A few acres, lush gardens, chickens, goats, cows, rabbits, horses, well actually the whole hog! And ideally we’d love to have some accommodation for people to come and hang and have, i guess, a bit of a health retreat, eating from the land, cooking lessons and relaxation out of the big smoke. One of my many pipe dreams (which i reckon this one will come true!). So the 2 hours of listening to the Salatins speak was unreal, i actually screamed out amen at one stage (what a geek). My beloved hubby was lucky enough to get a one on one interview with him, i’ll chuck that up on the blog later in the week. It sometimes seems as if there’s not many people one can resonate with, and those hours i felt so connected to a room full of strangers, hanging off the words of a lovely farmer from Virginia America! Oh it was a lovely way to start the week. But that has been the only highlight, the rest of the week has been an absolute fail when it comes to being paleo…

I usually don’t allow the cravings to win, but this week, they did 😦 I had a sandwich, holy crap it doesn’t sound bad, but far out, the pain that followed, and then i had a ice-cream, i was like a crack addict shooting up in a dirty alley, there was just no stopping me! Usually when i am naughty, i try to keep it gluten free, so i don’t feel like total rubbish, and i had cake (that was gluten free) Its been a stressful week. I had recently quit my job, after working my butt off, i was wrung out and tired. I had been managing a busy cafe in our hometown, when i left, my “wifey” took over. And its taken its toll on her, so i’ve gone back a couple of days a week to act as i a consultant i guess you could say. And with that i’ve had to be a c%$t, and get staff back on track. I can feel my shoulders up near my ears, and that hole that can only be filled by binge eating!! It’s embarrassing typing this and sharing how i failed myself, no body really talks about the lows and the guilt that follows. And each night i’d go to bed in pain, telling myself tomorrow  is a new day. And that it is! So i’ve been shit for a few days, i may even be shit tomorrow, but i know, that this is not a lifestyle i’ll fall back into again. Its too painful! But hell, sometimes that NO DON’T EAT IT is just a quiet whisper in the back of my head, i need to turn the volume up on that guy. But the best thing about messing up is, i know i messed up! And i can turn it around and feel fabulous again. So heres to a week of fixing my leaky gut, a week of listening to that voice screaming to keep clean, and heres to not allowing stress to take over! So i’ve learnt  valuable lesson i reckon!

Fruity thermomix sorbet



So its been a super hot summer in Bendigo, we’re suffering! I love summer, but prefer winter. The best way to cool down is with this delish fruity sorbet. And it took like 5 mins including prep time to make.

100 grams mixed fruit (i used figs, kiwi and strawberries)

200 grams of ice

splash of maple syrup.

Chuck it all in Edna (thermomix) slowly turn the speed up to speed ten and i constantly stirred with the spatula and 15 secs later. ta da! A dessert with no crap! All natural. Nut free, gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan summer cool down. It was delightful! And that made enough for hubby and i with extra that i turned into icey poles for another night.

Rant time

So with clean eating, we all have to start somewhere right? And before we ate clean or “paleo” a lot of us were eating what was deemed “healthy”, so your wholegrain breads, cashew nuts, legumes etc etc etc. Im sometimes embarrassed to say we’re “paleo” because it comes with a bit of a stigma or “mob mentality” attitude. It seems a lot of “paleo” lifestyle enthusiasts have a “holier than thou” attitude towards the way other people eat, and i find myself doing it sometimes. Judging whats in another persons trolley, oh my god, they’re buying muesli, don’t they know how bad that is?! And the simple answer to that, is no, people don’t necessary realise that their diets are killing them and their children (i.e. leading to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, mental health issues (in some cases, not all), dental issues etc etc). But at the end of the day, who gives a shit about how another person is living, thats their choice. I know its hard with family and friends, especially when there is so much research and proof out there about how the SAD diet is affecting us. But we also need to take in to consideration how addictive some foods are. I have read hundreds of papers, tons of books and i’m married to an Paleo Osteopath, i know how bad these foods are, doesn’t mean i don’t want to taste them, that i don’t enjoy them. Because i do! But my body doesn’t. The mind is the most powerful muscle in the body, so she’s a hard one to trick, or to get her to forget how “the bad food tastes”. I think we can quietly educate people without shoving it down their throats, and try not to judge someones else’s choices towards food. Because those people haven’t immersed themselves into our “lifestyle” they don’t know the ins and outs of good nutrition. All we can do is have like a pay it forward type attitude. Do some paleo baking give it to a friend to try, have some extra eggs from your yard? Same thing, pay it forward. Its the little things like that are the best form of education. Educate don’t discriminate. End rant.