home grown eggs

home grown eggs

I have to say, the best thing about country life, is owning a home with a backyard big enough to have chickens! We have 5 girls (mostly ex battery hens that have been rescued) We’re lucky enough to get on average 4 eggs a day, which is the perfect amount for Josh and myself. The yolks are so creamy and the best colour. And the eggs couldn’t be fresher! Usually less than 24hrs old. We’ve decided that the year 2013 will be chicken free for us. Having the girls in the backyard and their cousins in our fridge just feels wrong. And chickens get fed so much crap, thats there’s really not too much nutritional value. The omega 6 factor is way too high for our liking. The girls have so much personality and are joy to hang out with. Its always fun being in the garden hearing them coo and fossick around.

1 thought on “home grown eggs

  1. Hi Jamie this is Matt from Saturday night. If you would like some more space in your fridge for other things, I’d like to take some off your hands. For $ of course

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