Where to start…

AUGUST 22 2014, now thats a date thats going to stick in my head for a very long time… And the reason for that is, that was the day my life changed… FOR THE BETTER! I know that opening sentence sounds very dramatic, and for about a month, i felt like my life had been turned upside down, twisted sideways then shat on by a monkey! That was the day i found out all my fucking allergies. NO EGG, NO GRAINS, NO ROSEMARY,NO MILK, NO SOY, NO ONIONS, NO GARLIC AND NO SUGAR! That was the day i also decided to give up smoking. I’d never been a hard core smoker, could go days if not weeks without smoking, but that was the day that enough was enough. Finding out i couldn’t eat eggs is every Paleo eaters worst nightmare, the grains, well that easy, soy mmm kinda ok (no wonder my face was so fucking swollen whilst i was in Japan) no onions and garlic was to be avoided for only 2 months, so I’m back on that band wagon. Now sugar…

The allergy test came back that i also had candida. So the first thing to go is sugar. Candida thrives on that shit, to the point where cravings are out of control to fuel the yeast growth in your stomach. So i started a full on candida elimination diet, just veges, meat, and limiting my carbs to under 10-15gms a day. Basically a ketogenic diet. It took willpower to a whole new level. My body was in turmoil, stomach cramps, mood swings, nausea, almost fluro green poos, hot flushes, feeling dehydrated no matter how much water i drank. Its been a long hard road, i actually found the first 28 days really easy to stick to the diet, and now i treat myself every now and again (and that is the occasional raw treat, very occasional! A glass of wine here or there, Or some gluten free toast) And even those better option treats make me feel like shit. In 3 months, my body has run a roller coaster, but i’ve kinda enjoyed it. I know that sounds weird, but i never really knew how broken i really was, until i’ve started to feel so alive again! It was similar to the feeling of when i first started eating “paleo” 3 years ago. But now i’ve learnt a butt load more about health, and when and how you should eat (paleohacked i guess) and also its not just diet, but also environment that makes a huge difference in health. So even tho i thought eating simple paleo was good for me, it just wasn’t enough. I could never figure out why i couldn’t loose weight, i’d lost 5-8kgs from eating simple paleo, but it kept fluctuating. It wasn’t until we moved to the beach, did we really concentrate on our surroundings. Small things like, getting rid of wifi in the house, using flux on the computers, wearing blue blocker glasses at night, drinking and cooking with only pure filtered water, swimming in the ocean at least 3-4 times a week (CT), fun exercise only once or twice a week, making sure i get at least 8hrs sleep a night, cell phone set to flight mode at bedtime, eating a fuckload of seafood (especially oysters). Teamed up with my candida diet, I’m fucking flourishing! I feel amazing again, i know i still have a wee bit to go, i reckon it’ll be another 9 months of being dedicated to my health and environment.

Im lucky enough to be married to a legend, whose knowledge blows my mind on a daily basis, i couldn’t have down it without him and also my amazing naturopath Anita. They’re a duo that are fighting the good cause of me being healthy!!

So my goal now is to keep this blog up. Get my creative juices flowing again, and bore the crap outta the 5 people that read my shit!

Monday Rant

This is going to be short and sweet… Why the heck would girls prefer to be skinny than healthy?? It really pisses me off that its the goal behind loosing weight, its hardly ever about health, just to fit into skinny jeans. Loosing weight is just an added bonus with paleo, it shouldn’t be the be all and end all of eating healthy. Im not complaining that I’m loosing weight, but in all honesty its about being healthy and feeling alive again. I saw a title on a blog saying “skinny and healthy without being hungry” loose the skinny bit. lets focus on health a bit more. There is so much pressure on women in society (don’t fret, I’m not going to have a feminist rant) lets claim back our rights as women, to be in all shapes and sizes, forget about being skinny, lets think about health.

end rant.

Kombucha the gut healer!


I’ll never forget my first sample of Kombucha, it was only about a year ago, and with trepidation i sampled it. All i could think was, what the hell is this mushroom like slimy tea?! My husband Josh first started brewing it, and I’m always a bit funny about stuff i haven’t prepared/understand. So i never enjoyed it. I’d drink store bought Kombucha without a problem, its not that i didn’t trust Josh, i just didn’t understand the process!! So when we were away at the start of the year in Jamaica (you totally don’t need to know that, but i do like to brag about being there! This is where we stayed) and whilst we were away, something happened to our scoby, not sure what, but she went all mouldy and blergh. So we laid her to rest and bought a new girl recommended from the lovely Ivy at PIM, just follow the link for all the details. And now its become my domain. I constantly talk to my scobies and tell them our beautiful they are and how fantastic they make me feel, so I’m pretty sure thats why they work over time and taste so god dang good! Im not going to bore you with how to make kombucha, I’m no expert, but if you’re in Melbourne Ivy from PIM (paleo in Melbourne) has classes every now and again, so i’d recommend getting on board with her! The one thing i have noticed about making kombucha is the quality of tea, we use bliss blend and its beautiful. Making Kombucha is my monday thang. Its a lovely way  to finish my weekend.

Burlesque? Yip i’d say thats exercise.

I’ve been a bit lazy on thee ole exercise front for the last few months, right, lets be honest its been longer than i care to admit! I’ve still been active, walking to work 4 days a week, and retail and hospitality are a work out. Making coffees for years has given mostly defined arms. But its been yonks since i’ve felt like my body has worked its muscles. So with that came the realisation i need to get my arse into gear. So wifey (one of my besties) and i are on operation “get our guns back”. It always seems better to have a partner in crime, someone that relies on you, so theres no backing out at the last minute, because someone is waiting for you at the gym.

So our plan started yesterday, with a conscious effort to get moving 3 days a week. And to make it more interesting so we don’t get bored. So our Monday night workout was burlesque! Wifey has been going for awhile, so i was the new girl on the block. I was dried mouth, nervous and had no idea what to expect. I thought it would be a lot of gyrating on chairs with come hither eyes (there was that!!) but my gosh what a workout! Im feeling muscles i forgot existed, that hour class didn’t leave me puffed, but i worked up a sweat, did some hand/chest stands on chairs and made sure i had pointed sexy toes! I was out of my comfort zone, i’m a pretty shit dancer unless i’ve had a few rums then I’m amazing (just ask me!) but it was nice just to try and let go and feel the movements, and for confidence, it was just what the doctor ordered. I have some mystery bruises today across my stomach and a huge one on my inner thigh. Every muscle from my ears down feel tight, god i love that feeling!

So now its rest for a couple of days, and onto Cage Fitness. Which i’ve always loved, combined Mixed Martial Arts and heavy lifting, and chuck in a bit of sprinting. Half hour work out of pure sweat and punching. Can’t wait! And we’ll be finishing off the week with spin. At our local gym in Bendigo (fit republic) they have night spin which i like to call rave spin. Its in a dark room, with black lights and loud music, you really get into the zone, and forget there’s 20 other people in the room, and i literally feel the fat slide off my body. Im excited about getting my fit on, and hopefully in a month i’ll be brave enough to go back to cross fit. So i’ll be sharing all my achy stories and hopefully my plateau weight will come down a few kilos. And if all else fails, at least i’ll have a happy hubby who’s wife is a sexy amateur burlesque entertainer!

How my life has changed…

Two years ago, i was miserable, living in pain from grains. After seeing nautropaths and GPs they couldn’t figure out what was wrong we me, i had celiac testing come back negative, gave up nightshades, still no difference, told to eat more grains for fibre, which caused chronic diarrhoea. My anxiety levels were beyond comprehendible, depression had set it, my eczema was so bad on my feet and hands that my skin was literally tearing every day. Some days i could barely walk without pain. I looked like i was pregnant (at least 6mths!) so i’d diet and exercise 5-6 times a week, with my calorie counting watch, not leaving the gym until i had burned 1200 calories, and wondering why i was exhausted! I was malnourished and in that chronic cardio addiction stage. I had put my mental health depletion  down to moving from Melbourne to Bendigo. Never in my wildest dreams did i realise it was the porridge i was having for breakfast, that “healthy” chicken and salad sandwich, finishing the day off with my Father In Laws delicious pasta with crusty bread on the side, going to gym nearly everyday doing a warmup ,at least one class if not two, and cycling to work.  I mean this is all pretty healthy right? WRONG!

I soon got bored doing regular gym classes and talked to a trainer at my gym that suggested cross fit. I remember my first WOD feeling dead afterwards, but a sense of HELL YEAH! Im exhausted in the best possible way. So like a lot of people that do cross fit, the word paleo was thrown my way. I raced home and started “googling” paleo. And thinking shit, this is going to be hard. I kept it to myself for awhile, just pondering this “paleo lifestyle” thinking mmm bacon for breakfast you say hey… Well that sounds delightful! My husband is an Osteopath, so we did some investigation into paleo, not just reading peoples success stories, but actual research done on paleo, reading paper after paper, buying books galore. We started out slowly, with Josh (my hubby) getting more and more involved with this paleo life, before we knew it we were 90% paleo and feeling fantastic! My anxiety had more or less disappeared after a few weeks, eczema was GONE, no longer looking like i was pregnant and people started commenting on how fantastic i looked, the most common thing said was “wow you look so young, and your skin is glowing!” This 33 year lady loves hearing things like that!

Now it wasn’t easy, and still comes hard sometimes. Im an emotional eater, so every now and again i fall of the wagon, and feel atrocious, and slowly but surely, my skin starts to look awful, the mental clarity isn’t there, and i look bloated and look and feel so tired. But i always get back up there and feel fantastic, the goal for 2013 is to feel the best i’ve ever felt. By being at least 90% paleo, and only surrounding myself with people and attitudes that equate to a happy healthy life. And so far we’re winning.

I remember after being paleo for a couple of months, Josh turned to me said “i always thought i was really healthy, but now i realise i was so use to being blogged down with grains  that it felt normal, i was a sick man” that is something that has stuck in my head. Josh is so dedicated to this lifestyle, he’s now incorporating it into is Osteopathy, helping many a patient with diet. We’re such foodies, so we’ve embraced this lifestyle by having fun in the kitchen and inventing delightful meals that aren’t just meat and 3 veg. I’ve always enjoyed baking, so its been fun playing with old favourite recipes, and trolling the internet for like minded people.

So this blog, is i guess, my personal diary, my creations and failures in the kitchen, and my happiness from eating clean.