Finding your tribe

I’ve been lucky enough to find the most amazing naturopath in my area, i think of her as an earth mother that has been on this planet before. Understanding, inspiring and heck she just gets it. One thing she said to me in a consultation was along the lines of “we all need to find our tribe”

Now that really got my brain going, tribe is such a spiritual way of describing friendship/family and belonging. It made me think about how lucky i am with the tribe that i’ve got. It may be scattered all over australia and the world, but shit i really think I’m the luckiest gal on the planet. Having a tribe means good health. Friends and family that lift you and encourage, not belittle or be jealous of who you are and what you’ve got or haven’t got, to me that equates to healthy living. I’ve learnt as i’ve got older to only surround myself with people that are positive, enjoy life, love adventure and won’t settle for second best. I love meeting new people and sharing the stories of my beautiful friends, that are talented musicians, own cafes, help plan the beautiful cities we live in, travel the world chasing their dreams,jewellery makers, sculptors, writers, bakers, baristas, health professionals and i could go on forever. My friends are my chosen family who have seen me at my best and embraced me in my worst. Im lucky to say the that besties i have, have been exactly that for years. And i guess that now makes me fussy about who I’m letting into my tribe, i’ve learnt that having common interests ain’t enough, it needs to be on a spiritual level, that connection of holding eye contact and feeling energy zoom between two souls. Eep! its so exciting. But also can be sad, that moment where i guess theres almost an air of desperation for people to get along, to “hit it off” especially as you get older, but you know what I’m embracing the fact that i won’t settle for sub-par friendships. I’ve been lucky enough to bond with a few beautiful humans in Torquay, and also i guess rub a couple of people the wrong way, but i’ll never apologise for who i am as person. Because you know what? I fucking love who i’ve become as an adult, i feel strong, i know I’m borderline crazy, and adventurous and not scared to ruffle feathers. I call that living passionately! Question what people have to say, fight for what you believe in, never roll over because its easy. There should be sparks in our eyes, fire in our belly and a smile so big on your face, that people wonder what the fuck you’ve been up too!

Kombucha the gut healer!


I’ll never forget my first sample of Kombucha, it was only about a year ago, and with trepidation i sampled it. All i could think was, what the hell is this mushroom like slimy tea?! My husband Josh first started brewing it, and I’m always a bit funny about stuff i haven’t prepared/understand. So i never enjoyed it. I’d drink store bought Kombucha without a problem, its not that i didn’t trust Josh, i just didn’t understand the process!! So when we were away at the start of the year in Jamaica (you totally don’t need to know that, but i do like to brag about being there! This is where we stayed) and whilst we were away, something happened to our scoby, not sure what, but she went all mouldy and blergh. So we laid her to rest and bought a new girl recommended from the lovely Ivy at PIM, just follow the link for all the details. And now its become my domain. I constantly talk to my scobies and tell them our beautiful they are and how fantastic they make me feel, so I’m pretty sure thats why they work over time and taste so god dang good! Im not going to bore you with how to make kombucha, I’m no expert, but if you’re in Melbourne Ivy from PIM (paleo in Melbourne) has classes every now and again, so i’d recommend getting on board with her! The one thing i have noticed about making kombucha is the quality of tea, we use bliss blend and its beautiful. Making Kombucha is my monday thang. Its a lovely way  to finish my weekend.

Green Smoothies… And what i think


So i’m pretty much an all or nothing girl, when it comes to Paleo eating i become addicted to certain meals/snacks for a few days, sometimes a few weeks and then blergh I’m off them. I’ve gone thru the green smoothie stage probably about 3 times over the last year and half. But we had a shitty old blender, so my smoothies was more like a chunky. There’s nothing worse than gagging on big bits of spinach at 6am. The flavour was never offensive just not a smooth ride down the gullet, which is a bit of a turn off for me. I tried to persevere for health reasons, because i’d feel amazing for the whole day, it was like shooting up pure collard greens, i was all zingy and wide eyed! And i’d last a few days in a row of my “chunkys” before giving up.

But now we have our Edna (thermomix) and she can blitz the crap outta anything! So my smoothies are smooth again! So the last few days i’ve been mixing up what ever is in our vege basket in the fridge. Now I’m not going to rave about “oh my god, they taste sooooooo AMAZING, because they don’t. They’re not gross either, but just enjoyable, and the feeling of well being that follows beats any high EVER! And they’re so filling as well. No two days are the same recipe. I think todays was my favourite.

1 carrot

1/2 cucumber

1/2 orange

1 lemon

2 huge handfuls of rocket

400mls Water

handful of ice cubes.

I blitz all the veges and fruit on speed 8 for 30 secs, then add ice cubes and water on speed 4 for 2 mins. It comes out so creamy and the rocket gives it a peppery taste. I think it would have been perfect with some fresh mint. But otherwise it was A.OK!

My skin and stomach are screaming THANKS LADY!! YOU’RE MAKING ME FEEL DELIGHTFUL!