Burlesque? Yip i’d say thats exercise.

I’ve been a bit lazy on thee ole exercise front for the last few months, right, lets be honest its been longer than i care to admit! I’ve still been active, walking to work 4 days a week, and retail and hospitality are a work out. Making coffees for years has given mostly defined arms. But its been yonks since i’ve felt like my body has worked its muscles. So with that came the realisation i need to get my arse into gear. So wifey (one of my besties) and i are on operation “get our guns back”. It always seems better to have a partner in crime, someone that relies on you, so theres no backing out at the last minute, because someone is waiting for you at the gym.

So our plan started yesterday, with a conscious effort to get moving 3 days a week. And to make it more interesting so we don’t get bored. So our Monday night workout was burlesque! Wifey has been going for awhile, so i was the new girl on the block. I was dried mouth, nervous and had no idea what to expect. I thought it would be a lot of gyrating on chairs with come hither eyes (there was that!!) but my gosh what a workout! Im feeling muscles i forgot existed, that hour class didn’t leave me puffed, but i worked up a sweat, did some hand/chest stands on chairs and made sure i had pointed sexy toes! I was out of my comfort zone, i’m a pretty shit dancer unless i’ve had a few rums then I’m amazing (just ask me!) but it was nice just to try and let go and feel the movements, and for confidence, it was just what the doctor ordered. I have some mystery bruises today across my stomach and a huge one on my inner thigh. Every muscle from my ears down feel tight, god i love that feeling!

So now its rest for a couple of days, and onto Cage Fitness. Which i’ve always loved, combined Mixed Martial Arts and heavy lifting, and chuck in a bit of sprinting. Half hour work out of pure sweat and punching. Can’t wait! And we’ll be finishing off the week with spin. At our local gym in Bendigo (fit republic) they have night spin which i like to call rave spin. Its in a dark room, with black lights and loud music, you really get into the zone, and forget there’s 20 other people in the room, and i literally feel the fat slide off my body. Im excited about getting my fit on, and hopefully in a month i’ll be brave enough to go back to cross fit. So i’ll be sharing all my achy stories and hopefully my plateau weight will come down a few kilos. And if all else fails, at least i’ll have a happy hubby who’s wife is a sexy amateur burlesque entertainer!

Play time


Play time

One of the most important things in life, is to have fun! Don’t take life so serious, have a play in the backyard with your kids or animals, climb a rope, chase your partner, or just laugh until you cry or wet your pants (I’m not here to judge) Just take time out.

Stress seems to be a major part in peoples day to day life now, i understand with some jobs, its just a given. But reducing cortisol levels is really important, even if you just make small changes. Like making sure you’re getting enough omega-3s compared to your omega-6 intake (this is where making a change to grass fed meat can make a huge difference). Getting 8 hours sleep a night, turning off electronics after a certain hour to get your brain rested for sleep (this is something a struggle with, me and the internet are like drug depended lovers. I do try tho). With this in mind, i made the plunge and quit my job, working over 50hrs a week as a cafe manager dealing with 15 staff and never being able to leave my job at work. My phone would always be beeping or ringing on my days off, and i was constantly worried about if the place was ok while i was on holidays.

The final straw was when we were in New Zealand in September last year (my motherland) and it got to day 6, and i was fretting about work and orders and staff issues, that i was forgetting to live and take in the beautiful surroundings. We were at an isolated beach at the top of the north island, we could hear the waves crashing from our bedroom and basically had a whole bay to ourselves. And yet i was thinking shit have i ordered enough coffee beans? Hope they don’t run out of takeaway coffee cups, are the guys cleaning properly. Now if this was MY business, all those feelings are valid, but i cared far too much. Born out of that, was a whole new attitude towards life. No more crazy working hours, no more lack lustre people in my life, no more drainers. And never again will i wake up to get ready for work if the birds haven’t even stirred! Years of getting up at 5am and getting home at 6pm had taken there toll. So now i’ve had nearly the whole month of January and will have half of February to reset, to start work in a toy shop. Taking play to a whole new level. I’ve lost weight just from living a less stress life, my paleo diet hasn’t changed, but my body has.

Sometimes those scary decisions are the best. I will miss the extra money ( the local shops will defiantly struggle!) but it isn’t everything in life. I’d rather have a smile on my face, than 50 dresses hanging in my wardrobe. Life is a beautiful thing, get out and live it!