2015 the year of awesome

So i don’t know if i completely agree with New Year resolutions, i mean we should change our lives for the better regardless of the date, but in saying that if thats the kick start you need then by all means make those resolutions! I always start the year off with a little mantra “i will be a better, wiser, more resilient human” and that to me means, taking no bullshit, culling negativity from my life, and trying to be as positive as possible. Some days are hard, and that little dark cloud of negativity creeps in, maybe you’re tired, or someones comment has been taken the wrong way, its that time of the month etc. And to be honest, i’ve started 2015 a bit grouchy and a small can’t be fucked attitude. And i can’t put my finger on why. Is it the humid weather we’ve had, the fact that it was a full moon this week? OR am i just having a moment of being a bitch? Or is it because i work in hospitality and i have a small pang of jealousy of people on holiday? Or is the fact my squeaky clean diet hasn’t been as tight over the last couple of weeks? I had booze, i had sugar, and unbeknown to me some gluten in there somewhere. With that last sentence i typed its now explained why i’ve been a cow. Food. Bloody food. Working in hospo over xmas/nye period is FULL ON, especially working in a tourist destination, when its busy we don’t have the chance to sit down have a leisurely lunch break, its basically here’s some food, shove it in your face hole. No time to chew, no time to stare out the window contemplating your navel. ITS JUST EAT TEH FRICKEN FOOD! soooo to me that meant eating Gluten Free sandwiches which in theory sound ok, i mean i filled them with good fats and protein, BUT theres bloody soy in GF bread. And soy is right up there for me with my allergens, so that means bloating and candida coming back and saying a quick hello, also being high in carbohydrates means i’ve craved sugar, but that sugar has been from nectarines, bananas and apricots. Its so funny, i remember when i first got candida, it was a fucking nightmare, i was distraught, and i chatted to a “health profession” (i use this term ever so lightly, as they know a bit but don’t follow what they preach, and are FAR from healthy) anyway this person mentioned that “after a few months your diet can go back to normal” what a load of shit. What i’ve discovered is candida isn’t as simple as a couple of months of good eating. Its a load more complex that! I don’t think of my body as been broken but its been nearly 5 months of trying to get my health on track. In that time, i’ve lost 10kgs, quite effortlessly, still have a wee bit to go, but the weight loss isn’t the focus for me. Because 2015 is the year of feeling AWESOME, being AWESOME, and settling for nothing but AWESOME. So i start 2015 with an attitude of can do, saying goodbye to the candida (again) and live life the best i can.

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