Just a quick little rant

I just finished reading a go to “paleo” blog. This blog has over 10K followers on instagram, gives out health advice willy nilly (but with a disclaimer off course) and fucking contradicts itself over and over. One blog post i read was about basically shoving paleo down your friends throats, and how they gave a friend advice on our they DON”T NEED TO TAKE PROBIOTICS EVERYDAY and that kefir would fix them up. Hey dumbfuck lemme tell ya, my diet shits all over most humans, but I MOTHER FUCKING NEED TO HAVE PROBIOTICS TO FIX MY SHIT UP! How can an “expert” with no qualifications think thats acceptable??? quote from blog

“Recently I caught myself telling a friend that taking a capsule of pro-biotics daily was plain useless, why didn’t she just make her own kefir instead? I even threw in a suggestion about making kefir-smoothies part of her daily breakfasts…! Yeah, I know. Ridiculously Paleo Police-ish, right? Sometimes it’s best to live by example. Anyone who is ready for your advice will ask for it in their own time. Meanwhile, keep your Paleo Police-badge nice and shiny, you never know when it might come in handy next… ”

I can tell ya that my probiotics I’m taking aren’t plan “useless”. I mean are you a naturopath? A qualified health professional with years of experience? Just because you have podcasts and have read Marks Daily Apple does not mean you’re up for giving out “advice” this has really rattle my chain. On this same blog theres an article shaming paleofied desserts (which i agree with 100%) treats should be exactly that. A TREAT! a once a fortnight, or when you’re dying with PMS, not everyday just because its “healthy” cause ya know what? IT AINT! its still full of sugar and will spike the crap out of your insulin. But back to the original moan… 5 or 6 blogs down was a recipe for sponge cake. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?? Dear annoying blog what are you? I know we all evolve and learn about healthy food but to contradict yourself in a matter of months, i just don’t get it. Heres an idea, fight your own battle, share your experiences with people that want to hear it, but if you don’t have the qualifications dont dish out detrimental health advice. No two cases are the same, do you know a persons genetic makeup? previous health (both physical and mental) in their lifetime? Know their allergies? Know what exercise is best for their build up, just because you can’t digest rice doesn’t mean its evil for the whole population. get where I’m coming from?? So if theres not an MD MAHS etc etc after your name, remember that “advice” is more an opinion.

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