How my body has changed in 12 weeks

IMG_7301.JPGI can’t get over how much my body has changed in 12 weeks. The picture on the left is the  biggest i’ve ever been in my life i think, well at the least the most boated. I look at that picture and all i see is obesity, sadness and inflammation. The picture on the right, reminds me off hope and happiness and a bright healthy future. I’ll be honest the weight loss is awesome, but its actually the way i feel that outweighs the weight loss. Having energy again, and rebuilding my confidence is amazing. Its going to be a long fucking road, but hey i’m gonna embrace every moment, and enjoy new adventures like swimming by myself in the ocean (did that for the first time today). Its so weird, but Josh and i have been swimming in the ocean 2-3 times a week even in winter. The water is lip tremoring cold in winter, but the scariest thing about doing it, was being overweight and walking into the water feeling exposed in just bathers, and now i can walk with my head a bit higher. With the healthy changes, i find that my posture has changed, not sure if thats from inflammation  disappearing or confidence surging out of me. Either way I’m fucking loving it. Im trying not to think of my body being broken, but more so on a super duper new adventure of healthy fats and telling sugar to shove off. Who knows what my body will transform into over the next 6 months, but i can’t wait to see how shiny i become.

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