Rant time

So with clean eating, we all have to start somewhere right? And before we ate clean or “paleo” a lot of us were eating what was deemed “healthy”, so your wholegrain breads, cashew nuts, legumes etc etc etc. Im sometimes embarrassed to say we’re “paleo” because it comes with a bit of a stigma or “mob mentality” attitude. It seems a lot of “paleo” lifestyle enthusiasts have a “holier than thou” attitude towards the way other people eat, and i find myself doing it sometimes. Judging whats in another persons trolley, oh my god, they’re buying muesli, don’t they know how bad that is?! And the simple answer to that, is no, people don’t necessary realise that their diets are killing them and their children (i.e. leading to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, mental health issues (in some cases, not all), dental issues etc etc). But at the end of the day, who gives a shit about how another person is living, thats their choice. I know its hard with family and friends, especially when there is so much research and proof out there about how the SAD diet is affecting us. But we also need to take in to consideration how addictive some foods are. I have read hundreds of papers, tons of books and i’m married to an Paleo Osteopath, i know how bad these foods are, doesn’t mean i don’t want to taste them, that i don’t enjoy them. Because i do! But my body doesn’t. The mind is the most powerful muscle in the body, so she’s a hard one to trick, or to get her to forget how “the bad food tastes”. I think we can quietly educate people without shoving it down their throats, and try not to judge someones else’s choices towards food. Because those people haven’t immersed themselves into our “lifestyle” they don’t know the ins and outs of good nutrition. All we can do is have like a pay it forward type attitude. Do some paleo baking give it to a friend to try, have some extra eggs from your yard? Same thing, pay it forward. Its the little things like that are the best form of education. Educate don’t discriminate. End rant.

4 thoughts on “Rant time

    • Oh its hard! But i’ve also had people judge us for using lard or butter. Looks of disgust as we pile in the animal goodness, shaking heads in horror mumbling “god that is so bad, think of all that cholesterol” I know we’re right and they’re wrong tho!!

  1. Good rambling! I agree, I have found the best way to get people asking questions is exactly that, cooking a paleo friendly dinner party is on the cards for me next weekend, already 1 person converted just from food I have made for them too! Liking your posts and attitude 🙂

    • Thanks! I try to be as positive as possible, seems easier when your brain is cleared of fog! 2013 is my year for only having good food and good people in my life. Good luck with the paleo menu, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic! I’ll be peeping your blog to see the recipes 😉

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