Fruity thermomix sorbet



So its been a super hot summer in Bendigo, we’re suffering! I love summer, but prefer winter. The best way to cool down is with this delish fruity sorbet. And it took like 5 mins including prep time to make.

100 grams mixed fruit (i used figs, kiwi and strawberries)

200 grams of ice

splash of maple syrup.

Chuck it all in Edna (thermomix) slowly turn the speed up to speed ten and i constantly stirred with the spatula and 15 secs later. ta da! A dessert with no crap! All natural. Nut free, gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan summer cool down. It was delightful! And that made enough for hubby and i with extra that i turned into icey poles for another night.

2 thoughts on “Fruity thermomix sorbet

  1. I really want a thermomix, but cant afford it right now. I struggle to find Australian paleo recipes. Are there any websites, books that you would recommend?

    • We were lucky enough to get the thermomix on a payment plan over 12 months, made it way more affordable. When it comes to Australian paleo websites check out and when i get my arse into to gear i’ll have a stack of recipes i’ll share. We just experiment in the kitchen, my husband is an amazing cook, so I’m lucky!! Check out nomnompaleo and wellfedgirl. Both great websites. Ps sorry about the late reply, been busy in our paleo house 😉

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