What i’ve learnt this week thus far

So i think this may be the week that the kitchen and i disagree, i’ve been so inspired and wanting to get my “cook” on. I’ve been having brain waves of “oh my god, that would totally work if i paleofye it” and to be honest i’ve had more failures than successes this week. Makes me so peeved! My gnocchi was ok, but as the idea popped into my head, i was like “oh yeah, this is going to be the shit” it wasn’t shit, and it defiantly wasn’t “the shit”, my carrot and cranberry carrot rocked, it was so so delish, but i learnt from that cake, that almonds really truly make me sick.

I kinda always knew in the back of my head (and stomach) that they just weren’t right for my body. I think at the moment its causing more pain the usual (this may or may not be an excuse), after a loose couple of weeks in America and Jamaica. I mean i was mostly healthy but still indulged, and a week later I’m really paying the price. I woke up this morning with chronic belly pain and a bad case of the number 2s, and a sense, of “you’ve got to be shitting me, another thing i can’t eat” I know its childish to act that way, but i was really upset!

So there goes all my almond meal recipes that i’ve adapted, i now have to work with coconut flour or macadamia (the superior nuts my husband calls them) and go thru the trial and error stage again. FFS! First world problem i know. Lucky I’m only working part time atm, so i can spend more time in the kitchen, to adapt my adapted recipes!

I really love how in tune i am with my body now, i never use to know what was going on, i’d just put up with the pain because i thought it was “normal”. So i guess, its over between us almonds, i’ll always remember the good times, but if i was honest, there were really more bad than good. So i’ll still acknowledge you in the streets, drool over an orange almond cake, but you have to know we’re really truly over. I hope you can find someone that loves you as much as i DID.


Yours sincerely no more leaky gut.

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