Paleo Pumpkin Gnocchi

Over the last 2 days i’ve been creating a recipe for paleo gnocchi. This is not a recipe to attempt after a busy day at work! Its a 2 day process. I always loved gnocchi, and just tried to forget about it whilst i’ve been paleo, there were a few recipes out there, but none appealed, so i thought it was time to create my own. I’ve been trying to cut back on my almond intake, every now and again it causes bloating (i.e. my leaky gut flares up) i made a carrot cake yesterday and felt heavy for the rest of the day. Im assuming my guts are still recovering from my abuse in America!

So here we go!


*500gm diced pumpkin

*tablespoon of coconut oil

*pinch of sea salt

*pinch of nutmeg

*2 x egg yolk

*3 tablespoons raw milk (dairy is fine with us as long as its raw and organic, substitute coconut milk if lactose intolerant)

*70grams coconut flour


Roast 500 grams of pumpkin in a shallow tray, tossed in sea salt and coconut oil. In a preheated oven at 170 degrees celsius on fan force roast for 25 mins or until smooshy and browned. Let cool



Add cooled cooked pumpkin, pinch of sea salt, pinch of nutmeg, 2 egg yolks, coconut flour and raw milk to the thermomix, on the closed lid setting and knead for 45 seconds (you could use a food processor, the thermy is just faster and I’m addicted to it!!). It looks more like breadcrumbs than a dough. Take out the mixture and on a board dusted in coconut flour work into a ball. Its a bit crumbly, so work it lightly. Once you have a ball, wrap in glad wrap and leave in the fridge over night.



The next day ( i left for 24hrs) leave the mixture on the bench for about 5 or so mins, so its not so cold. Now this is where its a bit different than usual gnocchi. Get balls of the dough (only big enough to get 2 pieces from it) and work each piece individually. This is a freaking long process, but it has to be worked throughly. It took me about 15 mins to roll and shape the paleo gnocchi, hard because there’s no gluten holding it together!! But it does hold together.



we attempted to cook it the boiling method, i tried a few pieces and it disintegrated and tasted foul! Im guessing because there was no gluten, hence the reason of disintegrating! I may try tapioca flour next.  So we decided to bake it instead. With a garlic, bacon, sage and cream sauce. We made the sage etc sauce on the stove top. Heated the  oven at 170degrees celsius for about 15 mins.


We decided to go with a bacon with burnt butter and sage sauce. Our bacon is from a local free range butcher.


So we’ve just finished dinner, and while it wasn’t the best food I’ve ever eaten, it wasn’t offensive either! I’ll try and tweak this again in a couple of weeks. But it was good, and we did finish our bowls! I am a bit bummed it wasn’t AMAZEMENT! But hell it was pretty good!

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