Homeward bound

Yet again, my latest update is being typed out at LAX awaiting our departure back to Melbourne. We’ve managed to squeeze in so much in 14 days. After starting off in Santa Monica, my guts took a turn for the worse, and seemed to rectify themselves pretty fast in Jamaica. 6 days of Jerk chicken, Jerk Lobster, Jerk pork, and sweet potato worked its magic. And i reckon the overproof wray and nephew rum helped! Whilst on holiday im a firm believer in “living” as in, don’t be a paleo nazi if its going to be to your detriment mentally. I mean shit, if it makes you sick and your intolerance levels are low, don’t do it, but if you want to have a bagel with cream cheese in New York, why not? Eating is such an emotive thing for me, i know that wheat makes me sick if i indulge, but every now and again its not  going to “break my bank”. I think once you’ve done your research on why we shouldn’t eat wheat and processed food, its a grownup decision to “fall off the wagon” you know the repercussions. It doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to my old lifestyle, because really it wasn’t a lifestyle, it was a death sentence, but at the same time I’m never going to feel guilty about eating something “naughty”. But i did  made sure i stayed clear of anything with HFCS that shit is literally in EVERYTHING in the states, its pretty sad really, no wonder the nation is so ill. So upon my return to Australia my girth is a bit wider but my soul feels nourished!

But lets go back to Jamaica, never ever in my life have i been so freaking relaxed, we stayed in these beautiful African Huts in Boston Bay, Port Antonio. Talk about getting primal! Our first hut, had no windows and no closing doors, its like fancy camping really. It was amazing going to bed with the sound of the caribbean in the backround. No tvs, no stereos, so it was a blissed out sleep, with no interference. Our shower in our hut was outside in the sun on pebbles, we could hear the carribean in the background. I spent so much time swimming and relaxing in a pool that was on a cliff top overlooking the ocean. And the relaxed atmosphere in Jamaica was contaigious. Theres not much money in the country, but the emphasis is on family and music. Two of my favourite things. Waking up everyday rejuvinated and grounded was amazing, starting the day with free range scrambled eggs and coconut jelly fresh from the tree is pretty darn good! My skin was glowing by about day 2, all bloating from santa monica disappeared, and my confidence sky rocketed (those that know me personally will be thinking “what more confidence? shit poor world!”) I was called princess on a daily basis by delightful Jamaican men ( my husband is so over me telling this story). So i’ll leave it at that! One thing that struck me in Jamaica, was our amazing the mens bodies are (not in a perve way) but from the healthy eating and constant moving and walking and heavy lifting, they were mostly all lean and muscular. The women were mostly curvy hourglass ladies (i felt very at home). I’ve never felt 100% confident in my skin but totally confident in my personality, i’ve always been a broader girl with hips and tits, and in Australia i don’t feel normal, my body is not designed to be a size 8 or even a size 10, but in Jamaica i felt womanly and healthy. i’ve never eaten such fresh produce before, we had a man approach us on the beach, and ask if we were interested in fish for lunch, he then went and caught the fish and jerk cooked it for us, it was an hour wait for delish fresher than fresh fish, served in our laps on the beach watching surfers in Boston Bay. It was pretty hard to be that relaxed and well fed!! I’ve learnt that a “holiday” for me, is no longer going to big cities and breathing pollution and rubbing/barging shoulders with millions of people. Its tropical islands all the way, i was under the impression that i’d find relaxation boring, and the days would drag, but it was the complete opposite. Gosh i miss the ocean! Im already thinking about our next tropical island paradise holiday, i wish Jamaica was closer. It really changed my outlook on life, realising family, friends and health out way everything else in life. Everything. Only surround yourself by inspirational beautiful happy people and your life will be blessed. One Love on the day of Bob Marleys birthday.IMG_1029

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