Paleo living and travelling

Im typing this bleary eyed sitting/lying on grubby carpet at LAX. We left Melbourne early Sunday morn, had a fleeting visit to Santa Monica and now upon route to Jamaica. And in only 1 and 1/2 days in America, i feel sick. My stomach is bloated and heavy, and i feel like shit! Hard to believe that it can all go pear shaped in such short time! I blame the food on the plane ( we got gluten free and tried so hard to avoid all nasties and before y’all go why didn’t you pack some food??!) To be honest it didn’t even cross my mind! Im an anxious flyer so i was too busy thinking how the fuck am i going to survive a 16 hour flight. And boy oh boy did i learn from that lesson!! We’ve eaten what we thought was 80% paleo but my guts say another story. Thank god for wholefoods store and kombucha! Otherwise i’d be more of a mess.

But really i shouldn’t complain, I’m half way around the world, upon route to Jamaica (tropical bloody island!!) to see two of our very dear friends tie the knot, and got to bike around Santa Monica, have many a laugh with my beloved hubby,took some hilarious photos at muscle beach, score some amazing vintage wears, and be served by some of the friendliest people i’ve ever met, and yet again realised Josh and I are the best travelling duo! But America you hurty my guts (last mention). Bring on Jerk food and sunshine! Im hoping by the time we get to NYC my guts will be restored, and we can cook food in our apartment. Look out trader joes, you’re going to get some serious loving by this kiwi and her aussie hubby.


Well its nearly time to board our flight. Paleo love from the land up over (reverse of land down under. If you don’t laugh i understand, I’m very tired!!)



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