What our fridge looks like.

What our fridge looks like.

To succeed at the Paleo lifestyle, you need to be organised, especially when you first start. Otherwise its pretty easy to fall off the wagon. We cleared our pantries out got rid of all the grains, legumes, processed foods and sugar. We decided to take them to a food bank (now i actually feel pretty awful about that, passing on sub-par food to the needy)

We shop once a week, and go to a few places. We get our meat from the local butcher or Aldi (both grassfed). Fruit and veges from Bendigo whole foods, aldi and the local greengrocer, we try to buy organic, but sometimes thats hard in a small town. And also try to buy in season.

Bendigo whole foods is a godsend for my baking requirements, supplying loving earth and are always super helpful and go out of their way to help us.

Organising the fridge takes an hour each week, rotating veges, putting berries into containers so they last longer, cutting asparagus and celery into pieces etc etc. I LOVE doing this, i get all excited over the colours and feel proud to be eating clean. Its inspiring, and you know what i always get a rush of pride when i look at other peoples trollies. SHOP THE PERIMETER of the stores people! The middle is full of shit. Looking at the photo makes me so excited!! nomnomnom

4 thoughts on “What our fridge looks like.

  1. Your fridge looks good! It’s funny that you bring up shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, I was just telling my sister in law that. It takes prep work but it’s worth it.

      • That’s the exact conclusion we’ve come to. If it costs a little more to eat healthy it’s ok. Either we pay for it now and feel good/be healthy or we pay for it later in life with medical bills. I’m really excited to hit the farmers markets around here once they open back up!

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